Survey – Restore – Maintain

We Are: Building Recon Services (A BRS Company)
Our Services: Building Envelope Surveys, Aerial Access, Condition + Budget Reports, Restoration, Consulting + Project Management, Leak Sourcing, Permits, Barricades, Preventative Maintenance

We make building envelope maintenance easy as 1, 2, 3!

Survey: Understand the Issues 

We determine existing conditions, investigate specific issues that, in turn, inform repair, restoration, or maintenance needs.
A thorough building envelope investigation familiarizes us with your property. Then, our team — comprised of seasoned specialists with
extensive consulting experience — outlines issues of concern using custom software technology available only to our clients. We’re able
to access all locations via our aerial lift trucks, state-of-the-art overhead protection, barricades, and ability to expedite building, sidewalk, and
parking permits needed to get up-close and personal. Before working, we even provide detailed Condition and Budget Reporting so
informed discussions can take place prior to putting a plan into action.

Restore: Revive the Intended Function 

We restore the building envelope to its intended functionality, leading to proactive upkeep and maintenance. While we have the
ability to assist with managing contractors already hired, we offer clients the more desirable option of engaging our very own
OSHA-30 certified restoration crews and project management professionals, adept at waterproofing, masonry restoration, roofing,
carpentry and custom millwork, specialty coatings, garage, balcony, and concrete restoration, and metal fabrication to see the job through.

Maintain: Proactively Manage the Building Envelope 

Popular among property owners and managers, our Preventative Maintenance Program sets in place long-term plans to cover immediate fixes as indicated by
our condition survey reports, but also items of future concern. In this phase, we’re your proactive crew, consistently mitigating future failures and leaks.

Architects, Engineers
and Consultants

We’re your turnkey support
for building envelope investigations. 

Hailing from architectural firms and having acted as
consultants, we have substantial survey and investigation
experience enforcing construction best practices, while
offering value-engineered solutions to guide your team,
contractors, or our own restoration crews (if engaged).

Whether it’s an existing structure or new building whose
design is being drafted, we’re the perfect extension of your
team to ensure safety, service, satisfaction, and essential tools
for success, including:

Aerial Lift Access + Investigation Support
Overhead Protection
Pedestrian Barricades
Permits (Building, Sidewalk, Parking + Fire)

Building Owners and
Property Managers

Our Preventative Maintenance Program
resolvesproperty issues detected. 

After we survey a property, we support building owners and
property managersby pinpointing specific issues of concern
within the building envelope — from the roof to the foundation
and everywhere in between.

We dissect each issue to determine the appropriate fixes
and materials required based on the problem(s) at hand,
their priority level, and even help determine a budget to
efficiently address each item over the course of a year.

Ongoing, Annual Property Maintenance Program
Custom Building Survey Software
Specific Issue Detection + Priorization
Detailed Property Budget + Condition Reports

We offer our clients:

Water testing
Survey software
Infrared surveys
Roof moisture survey
Spray racks + test nozzles

Equipped to
Reach New Heights.

Our Toolkit Consists of:

A fleet of world-renowned Socage aerial lift trucks

Condition survey software

Spray racks

Test nozzles

Infrared camera technology

Moisture Meters

Vector Mapping

And much more!

Aerial Lift Truck Dimensions:

Number of Socage Aerial Lifts We Own
Our Longest Horizontal Reach (Measured in Feet)
Our Highest Vertical Reach (Measured in Feet)

Thermal Imaging Technology:

  • Quickly identifies leak sourcing
  • Measures extreme temperature readings
  • Accurately indicates moisture damage severity
  • Generates detailed data reports
Custom Building Survey Technology.

Upgrade the way you manage your property! Our crew of experienced surveyors and OSHA-certified tradesmen thoroughly
inspect all building envelope elevations/locations, carefully noting problem areas and potential threats.

Property Condition + Budget Reports.

We explain the outcome of our survey and generate easy-to-read reports comprised of annotated photos, a log of damage
incurred by location, suggested timeline per issue severity/priority, and required budget.

Restoration Roadmapping.

We provide restoration support so we can proactively manage necessary fixes. Any repair needed per your building survey — from the roof to the
foundation — will be efficiently and carefully tended to by our very own, trusted team who knows the ins-and-outs of your property and its needs.

Year Warranty On Annual Preventative Maintenance Program
Dedicated Recon Experts
Combined Years Experience (and Counting)

Restoration Support:

Take advantage of our extensive resources.

A benefit of working with us is having full access
to our integrated restoration services division, which allows us to
focus on any — or all — aspects of a job.

Masonry Restoration
Waterproofing + Sealants
Carpentry + Custom Millwork
Concrete Restoration
Deck, Garage + Balcony Restoration
Specialty Coatings
Surface Cleaning
Metal Fabrication
Dumpster Services
Barricades, Permits + Safety

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